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Tips for Avoiding Clogged Drains

Drain clogs can cause myriad problems, and these include bursting pipes, property damage, and sewage backups. To save yourself from the trouble that clogs can bring, it is essential that you take measures to avoid them.

Throw All Food Waste Into the Trashcan

Even if you have a garbage disposal, do not allow food scraps and grease to go down your kitchen sink drain. Food particles and grease can clump together and form a gunky substance, and all of that can solidify when the weather becomes colder. The solidification of all the food particles, grease, and debris will cause a severe clog that can lead to your pipes bursting. This is especially true if temperatures fall below freezing and the clog has caused water to remain stagnant in the pipes.

No matter how small the food particles are, put them into the trash. When disposing of grease, pour it into a container you can seal. Once it has cooled and solidified, you can dispose of it in your trash. Don’t throw it away hot since you could melt your trash bag.

Put Nothing Else Besides Toilet Paper and Human Waste Into the Toilet

Never allow anything to go down your toilet besides toilet paper and human waste. Even if items say they are flushable, such as baby wipes, flushable wipes, and flushable cat litter, never flush them. Other items that you want to avoid flushing are condoms, paper towels, gum, feminine hygiene products, hair, and diapers. These items do not break down well, and they can also provide an environment for other debris to get trapped inside your pipes and form a severe clog.

Have Your Drains Cleaned Professionally

If you want to significantly reduce the chances that debris will accumulate inside your pipes and cause clogs, schedule professional drain cleaning once a year. It is advised that you schedule drain cleaning service before winter comes since you will be spending more time indoors, and your home plumbing system will get more use. If you are planning to host winter gatherings with family and friends, you will especially want to make sure your drains are cleaned first, so your plumbing system will be able to handle the demand.

If you are currently contending with a plumbing clog, do not attempt to deal with the matter yourself. You can potentially make matters worse by pushing the blockage further down into your pipes, and this may result in needing more expensive plumbing repairs. Also, do not attempt to use caustic drain cleaners to remove the clog because this can corrode your pipes and cause leaks to develop. Furthermore, you can sustain serious burns and potentially cause irreversible damage to your eyes should the cleaner splash into your face. If you reside in Adairsville, GA or any of the surrounding areas, call Bearden Plumbing Solutions for help with removing your drain clog, and we’ll restore your plumbing system.