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Sewer Line Repair & Replacement in Adairsville, GA

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Comprehensive Sewer Line Services

When something goes wrong with your sewer line, you want a plumber your trust to come in to fix it. Bearden Plumbing Solution proudly offers a full suite of sewer line services, most notably sewer line repair and replacement in Adairsville. We also offer sewer camera inspections as well as sewer maintenance and cleaning. As a team with 25 years of combined experience, we offer genuine knowledge about Northwest Georgia’s plumbing systems, a friendly customer interaction, and great expertise in our field.

Methods of Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

It’s never pleasant to have a problem with a sewer line, since this is the pipe that removes waste from your home and connects it to your local sewer system in Adairsville. Sewer line repairs help patch small leaks and ensure the pipes in your yard will remain in good condition for years to come. In some cases, we will suggest a full replacement of your sewer line, but in most cases, we’ll try to find a way to repair the pipe without removing it completely.

There are two different primary methods of sewer line repair and replacement in Adairsville: trenchless sewer line repair and open-air excavation. Both have their advantages and limitations.

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

Trenchless sewer line repair is a method of repairing your underground pipes without digging large trenches. While some digging may be necessary, this is a much more minimally invasive procedure than excavation.

There are multiple different types of trenchless repair, both of which essentially replace a section of the pipe without digging it up. Pipe bursting repair does this by expanding and bursting the old line, then replacing it with a new one at the same time. Pipe lining coats the interior of your existing pipe with a durable epoxy, sealing any cracks or leaks.

Sewer Line Excavation

Sewer line excavation is much more intrusive, as it involves digging multiple trenches to more manually access your pipes. Typically, it is cheaper than trenchless sewer line repair, but you may be paying the cost in time and hassle. However, it is sometimes necessary to ensure your pipes will be in the best condition possible in the long run. Trenchless repair is not suitable for every situation, like a full sewer line replacement in Adairsville, GA. If your pipes are too corroded or degraded, excavation may be required to replace them.

Causes Of Sewer Backups

At Bearden Plumbing Solutions, we understand that sewer backups can be a sign that you need sewer line repairs in Adairsville, GA. They also inhibit water and waste from flowing properly. The blockage can be caused by a number of things, but some of the most common contributors to a sewer backup include:

Aging pipes

New homes continue to be built and attached to the aging systems, causing them to work even harder. When the systems can’t keep up, sewage seeps through home drains, manhole covers, and city street drains.

Inappropriate waste

Buildup within city pipes increases when grease, fats and oils are poured down the drain or foreign objects flushed down the toilet. To prevent the buildup and clogs, only use your drains for what their intended use.

Married pipelines

Many cities have sewer systems that combine storm water and raw sewage piping. During heavy rain events, the systems are flooded, sending sewage into low lying areas and drains.

Tree root invasion

The root systems of mature trees grow to be expansive and complex. Those roots have the power to cut through sewer pipes, creating blockages. The repair cost will fall on the tree owner.

Bearden Plumbing Solutions will perform a sewer camera inspection to determine the cause and severity of your sewer backup. Depending on the results, we may suggest cleaning, maintenance, sewer line repairs, or in some cases, a full sewer line replacement in Adairsville, GA.

What Is Sewer Camera Inspection?

A remote sewer camera inspection typically involves the use of a prehensile hose with a camera attachment being inserted into a residential or commercial plumbing system to survey the interior. The hose will travel through your pipes and plumbing system, gathering high-definition footage as it travels. This footage is fed back to a monitor, observed by both our technicians and our customers. This footage will provide a clear and concise view into your pipes, clarifying potential problems and allowing you to understand the exact condition and longevity of your systems.

At Bearden Plumbing Solutions, we often offer sewer camera inspection as the first step in sewer line repair and replacement in Adairsville, GA. We don’t want to recommend a more drastic solution than is necessary, and a camera inspection is the best way to evaluate whatever problems you may be having.

Detecting And Solving Sewer Backup Problems

The Bearden Plumbing Solutions team will perform a thorough camera inspection to determine the exact location of the sewer backup, what caused the problem, and offer the best solution, which may include any of the options listed below.
At Bearden Plumbing Solutions, we offer a variety of options for sewer line repair and replacements in Adairsville, GA. Our team will do our best to make repairs to ensure your plumbing continues to run smoothly. For questions about your sewer line, contact Bearden Plumbing Solutions today.

We Do Septic Line Repair & Replacement Too!

Do you have a septic system in your yard? Many homes near Adairsville, GA use septic systems instead of sewer lines that are more commonly seen near larger cities. The septic line is the pipe that connects your home to the septic tank, which treats the wastewater that comes from your home or commercial property. It is not pleasant to deal with a septic line leak, so the team at Bearden Plumbing Solutions aims to make your life easier with septic line repair and replacement in Adairsville.

Many of the techniques necessary to repair and replace sewer lines are also applicable to septic lines. Our experience as quality, expert plumbers transfers between both types of jobs, allowing us to both come with informed methods, but also adapt to the unique needs of your septic system.

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