The Importance of Regularly Inspecting Your Water Lines

The Importance of Regularly Inspecting Your Water Lines


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The plumbing system in your Adairsville home likely never crosses your mind until something isn’t working properly. Many homeowners fall into that same category because the majority of your Adairsville pipes are hidden beneath your property or tucked away in your walls. While it’s easy to simply forget about the regular maintenance needs of your water lines, foregoing plumbing care over time can cause your entire system to weaken.

Don’t operate under the mindset that “no news is good news.” Waiting for your water lines to suffer a leak or completely collapse could cause extensive damage to your home and property. You can avoid the headache and extreme expense by having your Adairsville water line inspected yearly.

Prevent Water Line Plumbing Emergencies

Small issues with your water line may not raise much concern, or even get noticed at all. Pinhole leaks could go undetected for months, gradually weakening the pipe material around the hole. A small leak or hole in your water line can be a simple repair, but if you don’t schedule regular inspections, you won’t be aware of the problem until it’s too late. Schedule an annual water line inspection to prevent small challenges from becoming large-scale emergency needs.

Prevent Contamination

Contaminants can easily enter your water line through small cracks. Storm water or sewage could seep into your family’s water supply through a crack you didn’t even know existed. Dangerous diseases like dysentery and cholera are possible through the consumption of certain contaminants.

Prevent Flooding and Mold Growth

If a damaged water line bursts and floods your home, the water damage may lead to future mold or mildew growth. An Adairsville water line inspection will detect weakened areas of the pipe and allow your professional plumber to make repairs before a burst occurs.

Extend Life of Water Line

Regular water line inspections will help extend the life of your plumbing my detecting small problems and avoiding large ones. Add a water line inspection to your annual home checklist to ensure your family’s health and home’s structure aren’t at risk.

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